So the US midterm elections are all but over. Virtually every Trumpist candidate lost. The Republicans did not win the Senate and barely won the House of Representatives. So sane humans worldwide can breathe a sigh of relief given their divisive, controlling agenda. But let's be realistic....most Democrat wins were barely more than enough to win a slim majority - just squeaked over the line - which means the crazy agenda pulling the US apart is alive and kicking for the run up to the 2024 Presidential elections. It means that almost 50% of Americans still wear blinkers and cannot see that the US role as a leading democratic influence on the world stage is coming to an end as a result. But, rather than simply blame them, I think we should look at root cause. These people are the huge population of disaffected, debt-ridden inhabitants of a country that has peddled 'the American dream' for decades where the top 10% have benefited and the rest have lost out - big time. So I can